Feedback from Peter and Karen Leece
Name: Peter and Karen Leece

We had three cars that needed small dents repaired (doors being opened onto our cars). Grant arrived on time and made quick work of making our cars look perfect again. He was professional and charged a very reasonable price. We will recommend him to our friends and family.

Peter and Karen Leece feedback

Feedback from John Edgar
Name: John Edgar

I came out of the supermarket and there was a bad dent in my car. Some people just can't park a car (or a shopping trolley)! My insurance company wanted an enormous excess to have it repaired, and so I left it until word of mouth referred me to the DentDude. He came around to my house this morning and in one hour fixed the dent so it is unnoticeable. He even touched up some stone chips in the bonnet. The price only a fraction of what the insurance company and their panel beaters wanted. Look at the before and after photos. I recommend this dude.

John Edgar feedback

Feedback from Martin Elliott
Name: Martin Elliott

Being a meticulous car enthusiast, finding the right man to fix those extremely irritating dings which magically appear on my cars was a difficult task. Three years ago I called Grant 'Dent Dude' to fix up my pride & joy, id been told by many that the horrible dents on my car would need very expensive panel & paint work... I was gutted! Grant came to the rescue, he spent hours on one dent like a man posessed, luckily for me, he cracked it! The door looked like new when hed finished. Top man! Ive since referred him to friends & colleagues, all have been very impressed with his work. Another set of dings has been fixed today on yet another car of mine so praise given where it is deserved. Thanks again Grant!

Martin Elliott feedback

Feedback from Greg Dolan
Name: Greg Dolan

At Accent Panel and Paint we specialise in the repair of European luxury and performance cars.For the past 6 years we have been extremely satisfied with the high level of service provided by Grant from DentDude Ltd.We would gladly recommend his services to anyone in need of Paintless Dent Repair work.

Greg Dolan
Manager Accent Panel and Paint

Greg Dolan feedback

Feedback from Paul Clapham
Name: Paul Clapham

Professional Panelshop takes pride in our work and the results of our repairs.We have worked with other dent technicians in the past but have found Grant to be a cut above the rest.He is always punctual,has an easy going attitude,and never ceases to amaze us with his skills.

Paul Clapham
Owner PPS

Paul Clapham feedback

Feedback from Kevey Collision Repair
Name: Kevey Collision Repair

Over the past 9 years we have used the services of the Dent Dude.
Grants service and repair quality has always been to a standard that we are proud to pass on to our clients with pride.
In our industry time and quality are the only factors that set us apart from the competition and if these two aspects are not met we are sure that it would be the last time we see that client.
Grant is always on time and often modest when it comes to a result that is beyond compare.

Matt Gair
Kevey Collision Repair

Kevey Collision Repair feedback

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