The Process of PDR (Paintless Dent Removal)


The process of PDR is carried out by using specially designed tools that provide access to the space behind the dent. Approximately 90% of vehicle panels can be accessed including doors, fenders, boot lids, bonnets and roofs.

By applying gentle and accurate ‘pushes’, a highly skilled dent technician can manipulate the metal back to its original form without affecting the original paint finish.

Timing Required

Generally takes between 30 minutes to an hour to remove each dent.


Pricing is based on a per panel basis as opposed to per dent. Prices start as low as $90 + GST for one panel with minor damage. However, we do offer a special rate for multiple panels.

Obviously all dents are not created equal so prices may vary for more difficult repairs.

To make the quoting process easier you can upload a photo of your dent on the contact page using our easy upload process or send us a picture through your phone.


The Dent Dude guarantee means that if you are not absolutely satisfied with the repair, then the repair is free.