Types of Dents

The process of PDR (Paintless Dent Removal) is suitable for small dings, dents and creases where the paint has not been damaged eg. shopping trolley dents, door dings from car doors opening, outward dents from things sliding around in the boot, etc.

Generally dents up to about the circumference of a coffee cup can be removed, however sometimes much larger dents can be repaired as long as there are no sharp creases or the dent is not too deep.

The main factors to determine ‘fixibility’ of a dent are:

  • Depth of dent - more importantly than the size of dent is the depth or sharpness. If a dent is too deep it may have stretched the metal too far for PDR.
  • Location of dent - with the Dent Dudes specially designed tools, almost anywhere on the vehicle can be repaired as long as the dent is not on the very edge of a panel, or there are no double panels restricting access to the space behind the dent.
  • Condition of paint - for a perfect result, the paint must not be cracked or broken. If there is slight damage to the paint the dent may still be able to be repaired, however the paint damage will still be there.

Recent repairs before and after:

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before-silver.jpg before-silver2.jpg before-silver3.jpg
before-black.jpg before-silver4.jpg before-blue.jpg
before-champagne.jpg before-coal.jpg before-darkblue.jpg
before-navy.jpg before-navy2.jpg before-red.jpg
Black-Before.jpg DarkGrey_Before.jpg GreyBMW-Before.jpg
GreyBonet-Before.jpg White-Before.jpg WhiteGrey-Before.jpg